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About Roots to Shoots

“Roots to Shoots” is based on holistic learning approach and contributes towards overall development of kids. There are multiple levels of courses for Learning Phonics,
English Grammar, Public Speaking skills, English Conversation skills, Vocabulary building, Developing Creative writing skills and also for Confidence building.

Roots to Shoots courses are ISO 9001:2015 certified and the brand name is Trademark Registered with Government of India for its uniqueness.

Why Join English Speaking Classes?

  • Every Child Participates!
  • Never a dull moment!
  • The improvement is visible!
  • Always an Eye on the Goal!
  • Learning does not stop with the class!
  • Fresh wave of change
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Our Courses

The program “Roots to Shoots” is divided into 4 major levels according to
the learning stage of the child and every module ensures success and excellence for every learner.


A program for early learners (3.5 to 5 years) for Phonics and Overall English Enhancement

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(4.5 years to 10 years) For developing excellent reading skills, making correct spellings and vocabulary building

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(Standard 1st to 3rd) Over all English Enhancement Course

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(Standard 4th & 5th) Over all English Enhancement Course

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English Grammar Classes

Grammar is the structural foundation of any language. To be good in English communication, knowledge of grammar is a must. Grammar is basically the set of rules used in making sentences, and correct grammar is the key to speak fluently in English.

“Roots to Shoots” emphasizes on developing understanding of grammar rules at every stage. All the courses ensure that the kids apply the rules while speaking and writing both. Having in-depth knowledge of rules gives them great confidence to speak in English fluently.

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Our Branches

Shyamal Cross Road

+91 8140988688


+91 8140988688


+91 8140988688


+91 8140988688

Teachers Training Courses

Roots to Shoots” offers certified Teachers' Training Courses with 100% guarantee of placement.The courses are designed by a team of highly qualified academicians, soft skills trainers and educationists. The courses aim towards preparing every candidate into a skilled and successful teacher.

Franchise With us

  • Low Investment and High Returns
  • Education is a Sunrise Industry
  • Children’s Education is the fastest growing Industry
  • Extensive Training to the Teaching Staff
  • Guidance by Experts
  • Readymade Course and Curriculum developed In house by Experts
  • The course is ISO 9001: 2015 Certified and trade mark registered with Govt. of India
  • Scientifically Developed Course
  • Tried and Tested Methodology and Pedagogy
  • Full Support and Guidance on how to run the business profitability
  • Sharing of Content in both Soft and Physical form
  • Guaranteed Improvement in every Child
  • Level Wise Course Delivery
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